Discussion of trials Garrow was involved in

A biographical sketch on Garrow at the time of Garrow’s retirement states:

“Of his skill in the art of cross-examination, many remarkable instances might be mentioned; but the attempt would be vain, by description, to convey any idea of the extent of his powers when called forth by such occasions as demanded their full exercise…”

“Of the style and force of his eloquence there remain records in the State Trials, and in other publications of legal proceedings of interest, in which he was engaged. It would be difficult perhaps, on a deliberate exercise of the judgment, to direct attention to the recorded speeches most worthy of notice; but we may merely, from memory, as affording specimens of varied and superior abilities, advert to the defense of Dr. Symonds, the prosecutions against Picton, against Bligh, against Codling, Reid and others; the case of Doherty v. Wyatt; and to a very short, but powerful and conclusive address to the jury, for the defendant, in the King v. Faulder.” (The Legal Observer, on 18 February 1832)

The Garrow Society encourages investigation of these other trials ‘most worthy of notice’ which it is ‘difficult to direct attention to’. There are some thousand or so trials available to examine online at The Old Bailey Proceedings – use the ‘Commenting’ facility at the bottom of articles found on this website to join the conversation.

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