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  1. The story as told on television last night is ‘special’ because it tells, or imagines, how the ideas of the Enlightenment began to break through into ordinary profesional life. Garrow may not have read much Kant or Locke, but he must have heard about Blackstone, and he certainly knew about Mansfield’s judgment in Somerset

  2. Was the Kelsall depicted as a first mate in last night’s episode a real character, one of my ancesters was John Kelsall, Mayor of Chester, his family owned fishing vessels

    1. ## From Mark Pallis, researcher on the Garrow’s Law series: ##


      Thrilled you enjoyed it.

      Yes, Kelsall was real – first mate on the Zong. I have put a number of links up on my blog which I hope the person will of use.

      with best wishes


      (Mark’s blog can be found at [url]http://garrowslaw.wordpress.com/[/url])

    2. Pamela,

      I regret to say that John Kelsall, the Mayor of Chester, (who is commemorated on Eastgate, Chester) and his wife only had one child, Bridget who married John Glegg of Old Withington – see Ormerod’s History of Chester Vol 2, Part 2 page 851. It seems very unlikely that he is an ancestor of yours.

      In my opinion, you are descended from another John Kelsall (1781-1850) whose grandsons, John, Richard and Joseph Kelsall, along with George Beeching owned the steam trawlers, one of which was sunk by the Imperial Russian fleet in the ‘North Sea Outrage’ of October 1904, which incident nearly caused a war between Britain and Russia!


      Andy K Pearson

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