How Do We Know Garrow’s Wife Was Called Sarah?

I have now been through all my Garrow papers and I am afraid I cannot find from where where I got Sarah’s name!  

However, at the plaque unveiling yesterday I was put on to the following.  

From the 1890s Leland L. Duncan, antiquarian and author, recorded memorial inscriptions in over 80 Kent churchyards.  For the churchyard of St Margaret in Darent, Kent he wrote, among other items,  


“An altar tomb covered with ivy.  North side. Sarah, wife of William Garrow of Pegwell in this county died June 30 1808 aged 56. (The rest smothered in ivy)”.

This is recorded by Frank Bamping 31 October 2000 for the Kent Achaeological Society.

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  1. Surely the place to search would be the church records!!!!

    17th March 1793
    at St. George the Martyr, Queens Square, Holborn

    I am a descendent of Jane Garrow the sister of William Garrow and have rersearched the family.

  2. COMMENT_TITLE_RE How Do We Know Garrow’s Wife Was Called Sarah?
    I have to smile!!

    John Hostettler is described as ‘Author of the first biography to be written about Garrow’.

    He then admits that he cannot find in his papers details of William Garrow’s marriage. Perhaps he should have asked a descendent.

    We should give credit where credit is due. I shared my research with Richard Braby who in turn shared the combined effort with J.H.

    Well done Richard!!

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