Website retirement

We hereby give notice of our intention to close the Garrow Society website, unless a suitable custodian can be found for it.

The website was launched in 2011 at a time of great interest in Sir William Garrow, his family and descendants. Along with books by Richard Braby and John Hostettler it revealed more than the BBC TV series Garrow’s Law ever really could.

We feel the website still serves its purpose but, as anyone who has contributed recently will have noticed, we no longer have the time to give it the attention it truly deserves.

If no suitable new owner can be found before 31/12/2022 the site will be removed from the web in early 2023.

All enquiries regarding this matter should be made via our contact form.

John Hostettler (1925-2018)

It is with great sadness that we report the death in October of John Hostettler, at the age of 93. 

Credited with unearthing William Garrow’s contributions to the history of adversary trial, he wrote three books featuring Garrow and was a founder member and frequent contributor to The Garrow Society.

There is a full obituary on publisher Waterside Press’ website: 

Our condolences to John’s widow Joy, family and friends.

The Mention of Garrow by the Wife of R L Stevenson in the Preface to Kidnapped

‘While my husband and Mr. Henley were engaged in writing plays in Bournemouth they made a number of titles, hoping to use them in the future. Dramatic composition was not what my husband preferred, but the torrent of Mr. Henley’s enthusiasm swept him off his feet. However, after several plays had been finished, and his health seriously impaired by his endeavours to keep up with Mr. Henley, play writing was abandoned forever, and my husband returned to his legitimate vocation. Having added one of the titles, The Hanging Judge, to the list of projected plays, now thrown aside, and emboldened by my husband’s offer to give me any help needed, I concluded to try and write it myself.

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Garrow’s Law and the Real Story of Women’s Rights

Episode one of the new series of ‘Garrow’s Law’ – shown last Sunday the 13th November 2011 on BBC1 – set the basis of the next episode. Lady Sarah, Garrow’s lover, sets out to obtain custody of her infant son. Despite being warned by Garrow and Southouse that as a married woman she has no rights at law, she issues an application for his custody.

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