Books related to William Garrow

Garrow’s Law: The BBC Drama Revisited

Uses the true facts on which the programme was based to compare drama and reality. By John Hostettler.

Sir William Garrow: His Life, Times and Fight for Justice

The lost story of lawyer William Garrow’s life, career, family and connections. By John Hostettler and Richard Braby.

Until They Are Seven: The Origins of Women’s Legal Rights

An absorbing account of the origins of women’s rights to property and children. A true story which reads like a Victorian novel. Used by the writers of Garrow’s Law as a basis for storylines in series three of the popular BBC TV drama.

Fighting for Justice: The History and Origins of Adversary Trial

This book shows how adversary trial evolved in England only in the 18th century. Its origins and significance have tended to go unrecognised by judges, lawyers, jurists and researchers until relatively modern times when conflict has become a key social issue. By John Hostettler.

The Bar and the Old Bailey, 1750-1850

by Allyson May. Chronicles the history of the English criminal trial and the development of a criminal bar in London between 1750 and 1850.

The Origins of Adversary Criminal Trial

Professor John H. Langbein draws upon a rich vein of contemporary pamphlet accounts about trials in London’s Old Bailey.

The Criminal Jury Old and New

John Hostettler’s first-rate account of the jury – from its genesis to the present day – including post-Criminal Justice Act 2003.

Garrow for the Defence

NOT a book, but the key publication that broke open the interest in Garrow in academic circles was the John Beattie article “Garrow for the Defence” in the journal History Today in 1991.