Pegwell Lodge After the Second World War

Bryan Moyler wrote to us with lots of interesting bits of trivia and some interesting photos of William Garrow’s former home. These pictures date from the 1950s and show better than any others we on the website to date the kind of splendour Garrow enjoyed in his cliff-top position (obviously you have to see past the caravans – but the sheer number does somewhat emphasise the size of the plot and in such a prime situation).

‘I lived at Pegwell lodge from 1951 to 1966. The house was derelict after the army left in 1945 (?). Mr father (Albert Moyler) took on a 7-year lease from Ramsgate B.C. at £500 per annum in 1951 (the photo – taken in 1952 – shows the shop on the left, bar in the centre, ballroom extreme right). He started the caravans in 1951….. holidays were very simple all those years ago.

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Alma Beaty and Garrow’s Pegwell Villa

**UPDATED 15/10/15**

Garrow’s marine villa, also known as Pegwell Cottage, must have been an interesting place in Garrow’s day, and it remains an intriguing place to visit today.   It is located at the edge of Pegwell village on the chalk cliffs immediately south of Ramsgate. With the surf and then the ocean floor exposed at low tide, with a view of France in the distance on a clear day, it is very much an experience of being at the edge of the ocean. Alma Beaty, the owner, operates a caravan park on the property. It is a working business and is therefore open to the public.

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Save Garrow’s Pegwell Villa

A Revolutionary for Criminal Justice

High on chalk cliffs with a stunning panorama across the natural beauty of Pegwell Bay in Kent, lies an old marine villa. Like its vista across the Bay it was once striking but is now in a state of rapid dilapidation. Its owner is Mrs Alma Beaty, a feisty lady in her eighties, who claims the local council offered her a grant towards the restoration of the house some five years ago. However, this is denied by the council. Nonetheless, the house has historical associations which fully justify a grant and needs to be more widely known.

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